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Green Man Taichi - Bodmin

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Helland, Bodmin PL30 4PY, UK


<p>Teaching Taichi and Qigong for health and wellbeing. Taichi can also be taught as a martial art for those interested in that side of the system. I teach both a traditional Yang family longform and 24 step Beijing style Taichi. Both are accessible to all age groups and abilities.</p><p>Qigong is taught at all classes alongside Taichi. Examples of what I teach can be found on Facebook and YouTube, search for greenmantaichi. </p><p>Taichi is a traditional Chinese martial art that is, nowadays, predominantly taught for it's health benefits. It consists of a series of movements connected together to create a form. Forms can consist of as few as 10 moves or up to as many as 150 moves. Qigong has close links to Taichi. It can be seen to have similarities to Yoga as it can consist of static postures, which can enhance strength and stamina of certain muscle groups, with a strong focus on breathing, or varying movements that focus on co-ordinating the breath with the movement. The health benefits that can be gained from practicing Taichi and Qigong can include; improved posture, core strength, balance, breathing (the abdominal breathing taught has been shown to help balance blood gas levels) and proprioception. It is also a low impact aerobic exercise which can help improve aerobic capacity whilst not over stressing the system.</p><p>I am registered as an advanced instructor with the Taichi Union of Great Britain</p><p>I have recently gained a BSc in Sport and Public Health Science with a focus on injury rehabilitation.</p><p>Classes are held weekly at:</p><p>Bodmin, Monday evening's 19:30-21:00</p><p>Also at:</p><p>St. Austell, Monday afternoon's 13:00-14:30</p><p>Mylor Bridge, Wednesday morning's 10:30-12:00</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Additional classes can be arranged for groups or individuals either physically or online.</p>


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